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Aerial Mapping Solutions is a small business photogrammetric firm specializing in aerial surveys and geo-referenced data.

In todays economy, it is even more imperative we specify precisely what our wants and needs are and what we need to do to achieve these goals.  It is with these objectives that Aerial Mapping Solutions strives to set ourselves apart from the competition.  We are a progressive firm with innovative ideas created and staffed by an owner with over 27 years of experience in the photogrammetric industry.  Our aim is to provide sound, affordable solutions to our clients' aerial survey needs.  Aerial Mapping Solutions has the capabilities to complete all phases of photogrammetric operations including aerial photography, photo lab, scanning, surveying, aerial triangulation, planimetric and topographic base maps, Digital Terrain and Elevation Modeling, orthophotography, as well as Graphic Design services.

Our experienced staff is trained on the latest technology in softcopy systems as well as analytical based systems.  Our projects range from small 10 acre development sites to 750 mile cross-country telecommunication routes.  Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies down to the local engineering and surveying firms.  In addition, we have completed projects both here in the United States as well as throughout the Caribbean.  It is our goal and our belief that the most important qualities we can provide are our attention to detail and our close relationship with our clients.

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